For the love of Curled Lashes


For the love of Curled Lashes

Not everyone consider a lash curler an important tool while applying makeup, they either think it is not so effective or that it does not make much difference, and that’s exactly where they go wrong.

A lash curler is so crucial to complete a perfect look. When used correctly, it makes your eye lashes look longer and fuller, which in turn makes your eyes appear visibly more attractive.

Here are some tips to use the curler for effective results:

  • Hold your eyelashes in the curler from their root, making sure you have gripped them all on closing the curler
  • Continue to hold while tilting the curler a little upward for a more prominent curl
  • Hold it in the same position for a few minutes
  • Repeat the process to define your lashes

Admire the perfection and you are all set to apply mascara on your beautifully curled lashes.


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