Eyebrow Mistakes you need to Avoid


When it comes to eyebrows, they need to be attentively supervised as they are a great deal to your looks. A change in eyebrows is directly proportional to a drastic change on your face.

Here are a few things you need to take care of:

Over-tweezing: Never over tweeze your eyebrows. As hair growth always takes time, so you’ll end up regretting it later. Once you have plucked 2-3 hair, make sure to step back and check the progress from a distance, this continuous check would prevent over-tweezing, as you would know how far you have gone.



Trying to make them Identical: Don’t try too hard to make your eyebrows identical, they are meant to be slightly different than each other, naturally. If you would not quit the effort, you might end up with very thin eyebrows.

Fill in with a light hand: Fill your brows for a perfect shape with a brush/pencil of an appropriate shade that matches your eyebrow hair. Never go for a darker shade or apply it thickly on your brows, it will turn out to be visibly fake. Keep it light and natural.


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