Say Good-bye to Dark Circles


Dark circles are the real problem that majority wants to get rid off. They make your face look dull, even when you are fresh. You can cover them up with concealers and foundations, but for how long? That will always be temporary.

The reason why they appear could be many, for instance, lack of sleep, rubbing your eyes alot, stress, poor diet, aging and inehritence.


Apart from managing the balance in your health and diet. You could use the Neutrogena SPF cream, which is formulated with the exclusive Accelerated Brightening Complex. The nourishing eye cream works to make under-eye skin tone more even and diffuse the look of dark circles while light reflecting minerals brighten eyes.

Apply the SPF moisturizer under the eye area daily, while avoidig contact with eyes, to lessen the darkness, while brightening up the area for a complete fresh look.


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