The First Suit in Your Wardrobe


For any young guy at the end of his teenage years, there comes a time when the need of a well tailored suit seems to be higher than ever before. Since it’s supposed to be the very first suit, it is highly important to go for something that creates an impact justifying the “First in Row Class”. In simpler terms, it should be as versatile as possible to help you get away with any type of gathering. What we need to keep in mind, is that whatever guidance this article provides, is in no way a rule of thumb or a must do, but something that is always the safest of options aligning you with the trends of modern fashion in a sequence based manner. Another fact that shouldn’t be ignored is that a good suit will go a long way, which means you won’t have to invest in another suit for some time, so working upon something that has the potential to benefit for a considerable time is the best thing to do. Having said that, let’s talk in detail about your first suit and its characteristics to make it universal enough to be important even if you are about to go for a second suit.


The first two things that need attention in your suit are its color and its material. Since we’re close to equator, most of the year’s share goes with summers, leaving little for winter, and even less with the other two.  Thus, selecting a material that is wearable to functions and gatherings around the year is the right way to do it. Our vote in this discussion always goes with a worsted suit, with 8-10 ounces of weight just to fulfill the functionality of looks and comfort around the calendar (In case you don’t know what happened in the last sentence, the weight of fabric determines its areal density per square meter, and gives a fair idea about the weather it should/can be worn in).

Once we’ve decide on the material, we have a harder choice to make, the color of your suit. Selecting the color is not easy because you may want to go with something that your gut is pleased with, but it just might not be the best choice given it’s your first suit. Anyone aware of even a little bit of modern fashion would agree for “Navy Blue” to be the first suit making it to your wardrobe. But then, there is an evergreen debate in support of “Dark Grey” to be the first one. Both the colors have more or less the same impact, as they can be worn at weddings, interviews, fancy family gatherings, graduation dinners, convocation parties, public events, seminars and events of other nature.  If you still want to take opinion on one of the two aforementioned colors, our vote would go to Navy. But there’s another disclaimer to it, Navy would best work with Brown shade of shoes, while Dark Grey would work equally amazing in both Brown and Black shoes, so if you’re a shoes guy, just go with Dark Grey and your life is on the right track.


Color and material sorted, we can now talk about the fitting. A proper fit is what can make a cheap suit look less cheap and a costly suit look less costly, which means even if you’ve spent a heavy amount on your suit, improper fitting would be a sheer waste of money and time. Your tailor, of all the people should know the relationship between a suit and its fitting to the wearer. For more details about your best fit, follow our article “The Proper Fit”.

Some advantages of having a Navy Suit as your first:
-The nature of Navy allows you to test and experiment an array of color combinations with shirts, ties and accessories
-Wear it on a casual Sunday brunch with a pair of your favorite khakis
-Navy can be your three days a week suit, and still go unnoticed as a repetition
-Mentioned above as well, pairing a Navy suit with different color combinations can allow you to be present in different occasions with somewhat similar yet an always fresh look

We have tried to make it easy for you to decide well about your first suit, and as much research as you do, the answer would be almost the same. So, buy a good piece of cloth, find an expert yet affordable tailor, and make him understand the importance of proper fitting before you’re ready to rock your first suit.


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