1. Mountain Climbers

As can be seen from the images, this exercise is kind of tiring for the first timers, basic reason being the nature of exercise. Quite close to the very famous “planks”, this one takes you a notch higher in the amount of effort involved. It awakens your body core through the still motion of hands, and continuous back and forth movement of legs, therefore affecting the whole body if done consistently and in proper way.


2. High Knee Spirits

Surely running is considered a very effective exercise while focusing on full body workout, but here’s something even better in terms yielding results quicker. Knee high sprints have a tendency to burn more calories than just running or jogging, and the fact that it is usually exercised by football players, makes it a legit choice to burn and work your heart beat rate. You can add it in your daily running or jogging practice, and ideally increase your speed while at it. But for start, you can stay at a constant rate, and see how it works for you.


3. Jumping Ropes

There are a lot of ways to bring your body some burning exercises, but this is a list of most effective ones apart from running. Jumping ropes doesn’t need introduction, but it does need some reinforcement dialogue upon its effectiveness. Jumping rope tests your body core as well, but in a manner different from planks or mountain climbers. The effect is double times stronger, as its your body weight against which you are struggling while skipping rope. Hang on to it, and let it show you the weight loss potential before you change your mind.



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