Pakistani teenager ready to conduct coin toss for Brazil and Costa Rica FIFA World Cup game.


For the first time, the world is going to witness a Pakistani on FIFA World Cup’s pitch to conduct a coin-toss.
On June 22nd, a 15 year Pakistani boy, Ahmed Raza is all set to be conducting the coin-toss for the FIFA World cup 2018’s historic match between the most celebrated teams, Brazil and Costa Rica.
Ahmed Raza and his father are true football fans, making the teenager’s involvement in FIFA World Cup like a dream come true. His family is from Sialkoat, and across three generations Ahmed Raza’s family has been crafting hand stitched footballs for professional leagues.
Captain of Pakistan’s national men’s football team, Kaleemullah, will be travelling with Ahmed for the FIFA World Cup match to Moscow, Russia.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the Academy Award-winning film-maker will be documenting every bit of Ahmed’s journey from Sialkot to the FIFA World Cup Stadium and the documentary is known to be released in July 2018.


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