Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra tied together OFFICIALLY!


This might just be the most shocking, yet amusing news bringing together two brilliant stars of the Bollywood and the Hollywood. It was just two months ago that the pair started dating, or as we know it (coz you never know what’s actually going on, and for how long), and here we are witnessing the harnessing love taking a better shape for the world to embrace.

Priyanka got the lucky ring, bought by Jonas from the Tiffany store at New York City, on her lucky day, her birthday, a week back in London. Sources tell Whynotflaunt Jonas is very excited to start this relationship with the multi talented actress. The closest words might suggest he has never been like this in a long time, and that he takes this relationship very seriously, hence the ring.

How did they first meet? The news of these two came to spotlight after they were seen savoring the moments together at the Met Gala 2017. Although the couple never came up with the slightest of hint that they were dating, the intensity of both mingling, laughing, sharing the night in epic happiness pretty much proved that there’s definitely something going on. As believed majorly, the two began to come close after being encountered by each other via a mutual friend, Chopra’s co-star at “Quantico”, and Jonas’s co-star in “Careful What You Wish For”, Graham.

What’s intriguing to many at the moment is how could the couple possibly take such a big step, considering the Quantico star has just turned 36, while Jonas is just 11? (That’s a joke by “Jimmy Kimmel” in his show while asking Priyanka about Met Gala and Jonas in particular, sarcastically savage, isn’t it?) Jonas is 25, which still parts the two with a 10 year gap. The only understandable concept here is that love knows no boundaries.

In the end, we wish them both a very happy life together ahead. The world may take it as a bizarre twist, but the bliss of Love never stops if the intentions are pure.


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