7 Facts About Mia Khalifa That Will Make You Love Her More Than Ever


1. Mia Is Lebanese:
We all know how beautiful Arabian world is, full of gorgeous women paired with luxury items Arabs are known to be fond of. Mia is no different, as this might be the reason why there are so many fans of Mia across the globe

2. Mia Loves Music:
After Mia’s announcement on Social Media about a Pearl Jam concert, even more people than those already aware have come to know how much love Mia can spare for Music. Mia also has a song on her name, ‘Mia Khalifa’ written by an MTV’s well-known artist.

3. Before Adult Industry, She Was Involved With The Food Industry:
Yes, it’s true. Mia was working at a Fast Food burger joint before entering the adult film industry. It was that very place when someone came up to her for an offer in adult movies. Crazy how dreams follow you, right?

4. Mia’s habits include reading books like crazy:
Between those naughty smiles and her breathtaking body movements, Mia always keeps herself involved in reading books of different genres. Her social media gives a fair idea about her interest in books and words and knowledge. Now that makes her a top choice among others to watch.

5. Mia Loves Pets:
Doesn’t that give us another reason why we should simply fall in love with Mia as a person? There aren’t many people who don’t like to be around pets. For animal lovers specially, Mia is certainly the first choice among other adult stars

6. Mia is a Geek:
Not only books, she’s a huge fan of comic characters and superheroes. Which means what? That she qualifies as a girl who’s smoking hot as well as shares the ‘Netflix and Chill’ hobby many guys have.

7. Mia Takes Twerking To A Whole New Level:
We all know the reason why she’s so good at twerking. But that reason might just not be enough. Having huge assets that are to die for is another thing, but having a skill set that uses those assets should be praised. The credit of her brilliantly twerking goes to her wits and her talent, mostly.


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