7 Tips To Get Ladies Closer To Real Style


Trying to be stylish is a great thing to have. The drive of fashioning the right way is experienced by smart individuals. Here are some of the tips we gathered to get you closer to real fashion

She knows her style, she knows her schedule

1. Plan Ahead Of Time
Have you noticed you always mess up when you’re in strict hurry to be somewhere, and unfortunately couldn’t get a chance to pay real attention to your attire? Plan, so carefully that nothing stops you from being perfect when the occasion arrives. Stylish women, are always prepared, whenever, whatever, they just have to be close to their wardrobes.

Stylish women of any era know the basics to shine

2. Misery Escape Emergency Fashion kit
Your most useful tools should leave your side. Whenever you feel you’re looking less better than when you left home, take it out to flash and flaunt those natural looks wherever you are. Stylish women never leave home without a basic ‘save your day’ kit.

3. Take The Occasion as Your Dressing Hint
When you’re stuck with a thought about “which” dress to go with, simply think about where you’re going, what is the occasion, and who will you be seeing. That said, you must always feel your gut to add that extra spice of your fashion sense, and bend towards being a slightly better looking one among others. You’ll be alright for sure

4. Accessories are a MUST!
You won’t be much surprised even if you’re a basic fashion enthusiast, but since this is an important tip, it’s worth mentioning. At all times, you must have AT LEAST ONE accessory upon you. More than one accessory means you need to seek the proper direction to add accessories, and simply game up to look even better. You simply CAN NOT skip it.

5. The Red Lipstick that suits you
This is a strong, bold step to prove a point, with minimum efforts given. A Cherry Red color with a sparkling nature that yells on your behalf, ‘this is me, and I’m nothing like others’. Choose the color that compliments your skin tone, and consider yourself on a mission to impress.

6. Keep Check Over The Latest Fashion Icons
You must be desperate to learn and try new things from around the globe. What’s latest, and what is the acceptability of it in the fashion market? How well can you blend it in your personal style sense to bring something appealing? The last product that comes out should be pleasing to a normal eye, making a bit of an effort to leave them in awe.

7. Wear Colorful Shoes
Colorful shoes are the perfect trick to show off your confidence. You can build your attire around a shoe, and it usually turns out to be an eye-catching attire.


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