The Versatility of Lady Gaga’s outfits


Energetic she always seems, colorful like vibrant dreams, Lady Gaga always catches your eye by the way she surfaces as occasions. Her style sense is obviously top notch, maybe because she’s famous and most of us just don’t understand how she dresses, but we likely seem to go with the flow. Here are ten outfits Lady Gaga has pulled out almost perfectly, reflecting her true self to all

A Zimmerman dress posing her quirky style of picking up ensembles that reflect her desire to look absolutely incomparable. This single toned dress spoke in a loud voice about the perfect combination of a subtle and outspoken display at the same time.

Expecting a differently awe-inspiring dress every time she’s captured, Lady Gaga knows her stuff. Giving more exposure to her fine toned legs the centre of attraction here is the pairing of her suit smart leather hat in Black, hiding her blond bliss of hair, with a not-so-usual cloak in similar color and pattern.

Boy hasn’t she got voice? Speaking for the LGBT community, celebrating Pride Day, she was spotted at bar she used to waitress and bartend at. Wrapping herself into a vivid display of the community color theme, Gaga seems to be full of excitement for the day and the ones supporting it.

Look at the photo once and you’re taken back decades in time where a tight hairstyle in blond with a minimalistic gown in Black. She seems to be pulling it off in absolute comfort, looking like she’s freshly imported in future via a time machine. You rock it Gaga, for sure!

At the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Gaga was seen accepting the “Best Music Documentary” award and she popped up on the stage leaving the eyes in awe with her surprise appearance, and her smoking hot, ravishing Red leather corset paired with the likes of Black see through skirt. “Stunning”, to sum it all up.

Watching her go so wild in too many occasions highlights her when she goes even a little bit un-wild. This tight grey skirt with the upper in similar theme creates a pretty different than usual outlook for the ever shining star. Her blond hair go undeniably perfect with that white collar and those padded shoulders to make her look like a well fed lady from late 70s, maybe!

The outfit doesn’t need any praise, or supporting opinions, only because it’s simply gorgeous. One thing that might be a puzzle to many, is how does everything fall into exact pieces when it comes to Gaga and her appearance? Answer? The way her hair seem part of the attire every time she’s public. The photo comes from her Insta timeline where she flies to LA alongside her two-tones furry gown and a pair of classy shades.

Leaving the side of too flashy and colorful genre, Gaga here proposes a more minimalistic look with a greater impact with her white coat, left opened for her black inner on display. The attraction here, clearly visible, is the Red in her thigh high boots and her optimistically sparkling Red sunglasses.

Long hair, short dress, just Gaga things. Two most empowering elements in her attire are the unusual cut and fit, and the messed up mix of art on the front. But above both is the confidence that comes with so much liking and popularity around the world.

A more sophisticated display of her breath taking choices. Yellow in the main course, and Blue for those who like some contrast. The compressed outfit is to be revealed in the indoors after she’s flaunted her Blue overcoat in the outdoors.
Stick to her timelines on different social media channels, and she’s definitely going to be your style icon soon.


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