5 Drinks for Weight Loss You Should Reconsider


We have all around us different drinks being proposed to the overly growing worry and consciousness about increasing weight. While most of these people know it happens because of daily routine activities, and negligible diet patterns, the need of shortcuts to the desired waist size is growing, making them choose to go for detoxifying drinks, caffeine added drinks, juices and others. VanderA dietitian at Pittsburgh University of Medical Centre speaks not in favor of any of these items due to lack of sufficient research and evidence.
In short, there is “no magic trick” in shape of a drink that can help you lose weight by just adding or adjusting into your diet. The science is a lot deeper, but pretty simple to understand. Here are 5 drinks you should know about before you add them in your diet for weight loss.

1. Juices
Juices is often seen being replaced to the usual meals for any particular day. It may surely keep you full of vitamins, but the deficiency of meals cannot be fulfilled with juices alone. An expert told Why Not Flaunt that juices are something we don’t get enough of, which means a certain quantity cannot be guaranteed. The weight loss that is noticed usually comes from the calorie deficit in result of leaving meals, so it’s definitely NOT LONG TERM. Juices also produce Fructose in the body which contributes to increasing blood sugar levels, and that should be avoided for sure.

2. Caffeine
Studies show caffeine to be healthy for your heart, with some other benefits too, but it certainly doesn’t help in weight loss. The job it does is pushing the metabolism to perform faster, but for a short period of time. To see visible differences, one needs to take it in greater quantities than we usually do.” Caffeine is commonly included in weight-loss products, but its long-term impact is minimal to none”, Cassie Vanderwall, a nutritionist at University of Wisconsin Health said on the topic.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar
Vinegar is undoubtedly an appreciative and healthy addition to your daily diet. For those who are told to use it in order to lose weight should hold it off, because experts believe otherwise. There is evidence supporting the fact that vinegar produces enzymes that act to change the way our system treats carbohydrates. But the evidence is not strong enough to recommend it for weight loss. So, don’t cut off taking vinegar, but take an effective strategy to your weight loss goals.

4. Detoxifying Teas
What are we aiming to detoxify, something that our Pancreas, Kidney & Liver can’t do together? Well, nature can never be beaten by human innovation of any kind. If the nature has taken a job, there are one hundred percent chances it is better at it than anything else. Some detoxifying drinks have senna in it, an extract of Senna plant that helps constipation. Taking them daily makes you suffer diarrhea, abdominal cramping and nausea. You will lose weight due to lack of nutrients and dehydration, but that is not a safe option for weight loss.

5. Activated Charcoals
Something mostly used in the medical industry to treat patients who take in poison of any kind. It is an active absorber in the body that absorbs everything you take in. May it be good for health, like all the nutrients food has to offer, or anything that is harmful, like poison and other stuff. This means that taking it in for weight loss might also leave you empty of all the important nutrients you require for your body to act and respond well enough for the day.
Remember, losing weight is not an easy job, but with determination and proper guidance there is nothing you can’t achieve. Go for more of healthier options of losing. Exercise, balanced diet and clear body goals actually help you achieve something noticeable and appreciative.


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