Latest Women Haircuts Suggested According to Their Zodiacs


We all seem to be pretty curious when someone writes about the characteristics or traits or personalities according to zodiacs they are. Keeping that in mind, we decided to suggest hairstyles on the basis of features and characteristics of each zodiac sign, so you know what hairstyle you should have based on your zodiac.

1. Aquarius
We all know Aquarius comes with a package of creativity as a built-in feature. Another major trait is their drive and hunger for adventure, which explains their adventurous nature of exploring. Carefree as they are, layers and short length will express the freedom right.

2. Pisces
The way Pisces feels and expresses emotions makes them pretty mysterious by nature. Knowing the right way to express what and when they want to, and allowing those you want to stay close to know the real deal, our best bet goes with an undercut. Allowing who they want to see the haircut, and hiding effortlessly when not in a mood to show.

3. Aries
Fear doesn’t fear them by nature. They are courageous beings, continuously in efforts to become an inspiration for others. They have a personality that keeps others wanting to discover more about them. This slightly wavy hair, having a ‘past-the-shoulder’ haircut seems to justify the Aries’ personality.

4. Taurus
Sweet as known generally, they actually are good at hearts and lovely peeps to hang out with. Their reliable nature and practical approach makes them different from others. Long, straight hair seem to fall in pieces for these ever caring individuals, requiring less effort, and great looks.

Long Layered Straight Haircut Straight Layered Haircuts – Hairstyles Inspiring

5. Gemini
Believed to have two extremes covered in their reflection to the world, they can be intelligent enough to talk deep matters, while also having keen interests in Jenners and Kardashians. They are a wandering spirit, not afraid to share their thoughts. They do get bored easily, and so we thought shaving the head from either side, but only one, and leaving the other half with hair. Whenever boredom seems to attack, hide the shaven part, and roll like you please.

one side shaved hairstyles New Womens Shaved Hairstyles e Side Unique Mykie Glam and Gore Guy

6. Cancer
Cancers are calm and reserved, but when they go wild they do it with full intensity. By wild we mean touching extents they won’t usually. Good at hiding secrets, and a bit careless from attitude, bangs are suggested to be the best option for these.

7. Leo
Having a persona of Leo tells you the power and charisma of that person. Carrying a mountain of confidence all the time, going full fledged in fashion allows you to experiment and look beautiful. Go bold is your hairstyle tagline. Extremely short hair, with layers give that touch of difference.

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8. Virgo
A go-getter by nature, flawless in most cases, and an expert of situations, Virgo is just the right blend to achieve success through effective and intuitive personality. Shoulder high Bob cut might be an appropriate yes.

9. Libra
Romantic by nature, coupled with a drive of justice, Libras have a knack of becoming a liking of someone pretty soon. A romance reflecting cut that attracts attention instead of demanding it would do. Medium length, straight hair is the best akternative

10. Scorpio
A fully grown hairstyle seems to be the perfect thing to do, since mystery’s a part of scorpios character, and at the same time they demand intimacy. Long hair, is all about mystery to life and a way of staying apart from all the other alternatives.

11. Sagittarius
Usually scoring high on the sense of humor test, their personalities are outspoken, and they pose a versatile look whenever there’s a need to look stunning. We chose an out of the box, attention grabbing hairstyle that goes with the traits of Sagittarius. Shaving both sides of head, and keeping the middle portion noticeably longer would help the spot light stuck at them.

12. Capricorn
The aggressive approach towards a set goal allows Capricorns to go wild when choosing options in any matter of life. Their responsible behavior and resilient attitude is a sign of trying new things quite often. Go for a pixie haircut that doesn’t satisfy with symmetry, rather with the creative steps taken to reach the final display.


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