Tribute to Chester Bennington by his Band Member Mike Shinoda


People like Chester Bennington never really die, they just pass away to another world. People will never forget them, there will always be followers, and their work will continue to inspire the current generation, and the ones yet to come. What is even more fascinating, is how much fans miss these icons at gigs and concerts and tours, and that is exactly what happened at the Reading gig a couple days ago, when Mike Shinoda paid tribute to Chester. The audience sang along one of the most loved song by Linkin Park, “In the End”, tears and smiles rolling together to create an unspeakable atmosphere filled with the spirit of music.

As Mike spoke to the audience, he gave an appreciative push to the fans by thanking them for all the love and support. He continues by touching the lighter, more emotional side of the fans by relating to their feelings, as he said “I’ve been hearing quite a bit, is how some of you guys are going through some things, and how the connection to the music helps you get through it”.
Speaking more about the purpose of music, and how people find relief through it, he further supported the fans by bringing Chester in the dialogue, saying “”If it’s as simple as, you just really liked or loved Chester’s singing, or you loved the band’s music, or you’re just dealing with your own stuff that has nothing to do with us, hopefully by coming to these shows and enjoying the music, and by engaging in this type of thing, it makes some of that bad feeling just go away”. What amazing words to hear from afar!

In the end he simply involved Chester in the festival, and said, “I want you guys to sing it so loud that Chester can hear you”, such strong words, and what a way to remember Chester


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