Launch Video of Iphone XS, XS Max and IWatch


The big news is out! Apple is going to launch it’s new products soon. The video is officially launches by Apple itself, after the leaked photos and features of Iphone XS and Iphone XS Max. Apple’s launch video made a huge difference in the perception of people. Many people who were against Iphone are now drooling over it. As there were criticisms that Apple only changes or in fact enlarges the screen size, and then launch a new product, or Iphone series. But this time other than the size, they are focusing on it’s new features.

Iphone XS and XS Max with I Watch
Iphone XS and XS Max with I Watch

There will still be questions raised on it as some features were already there in the previous models, and also Android has launched the same features back in their very old phones. Samsung s4 was the first one to introduce water proof feature, and here Apple is also focusing on this feature which is an old one now, as it is liquid proof, and they are just dragging over it with beer proof and all.



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