7 Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home


Following are the 7 easy tricks to earn money from home:

  • Take Surveys There are different online websites which pay you from $30 dollars to $100 per month on just filling the forms and surveys online which hardly take 2 to 3 hours per day.

  • Graphic Design Many companies need graphic designers for their businesses who can even work from home. Although they might be paying less for it as compared to a person working in the office, but because it is in demand, you will be paid for your work. You can earn around $45,000 by working at home only.

  • Bookkeeping Nowadays, accountants are no more hired, instead businesses look for some individuals who can work from their home and can do bookkeeping for their businesses. A salary of $34,000 might be expected for such work.

  • Home Inspection A very fun type of work, where you can visit some houses and just inspect on their quality and work and report it to the higher authorities and can make enough money by doing it. Because it includes some outdoor work also, the expected return is around $52,000 for this job.

  • Massage Therapist All you need to do is get yourself registered to National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and can easily earn around $35,000 per month.

  • Tax Preparation Many people want to file an income tax return, but either are not aware of the rules and regulations or do not have enough time to do it, but they are desperately in need for an individual to do it. So you can charge a good amount of money for providing them with this service and helping them in tax preparations or filing a return tax on their behalf. Earning of around $30,000 per month is expected depending upon your clients and deal with them.

  • Interior Designer This does not require any degree or certification, but your passion and love towards your job. Many individuals specially single mothers in USA opt for this job and earn around $55,000 per month.



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