Best Men’s Salons and Spas in Karachi


Best Men Salons in K-Town

Not only women, but men also need to be pampered. Yes, the trend is changing now, and we are having more number for men spas these days. The number of male spas and salons are increasing day by day. The old trend of just a local barber shop is now changing to soothing and themed salons specially in K-Town. So let’s have a look at the top salons in Karachi which are offering their services to men.

  • Clippers Salon: Clippers established in 1994 and is a trendsetter salon in Pakistan. They have two outlets in Karachi, one in Khadda Market and the other one in Zamzama with vintage theme in it. They have a successful history of almost 25 years by next year. They really have set a standard, that too very high by their artistic and skillful employees and atmosphere.
This is What the Interior of Clippers Look like, loving it? You surely will love it!
Clippers dressing stations!
  • N-Gents: N-Gents is a 5 year old barbershop, which mostly focueses on groom and wants to set their salon as a meeting point and a symbol of lifestyle there.
Service Station at N-Gents
Smoking And Cigar Lounge where you can have coffee with your loved ones
  • Toni & Guy: It is an international brand which started it’s operations from London in 1963, and almost after 50 years it came to Karachi. The professionals and experts of this salon help you to get what you want through their expertise.
Interior Design of Toni & Guy
Toni & Guy Dress Stations
  • Genesis Salon for Men: The main aim for this salon is to revolutionize the grooming industry of Pakistan. Because very few salons are here working for men only, so they are here to groom the grooming industry.
Dressing Stations of Genesis Men Salon
Interior of Genesis Men Salon
  • Toni & Sons Men Salon: They have built their legacy on providing clients with precision cuts combined with personalized style.
Interior of Toni & Sons
Dressing Stations of Toni & Sons
  • Gillan Salon and Spa: This salon and spa started it’s operations in 2010, and only in 8 years, they have a name in the market. They are not only offering their services for men, but women also, and their marketing campaigns and strategies are doing well overall the social media.
Gillan Salon and Spa for Men Dressing Stations
Gillan Interior for Waiting Room
  • John Allan’s for Men: They have a different strategy in their mind as they are trying to improve the grooming services in Pakistan by keeping a desi touch in it, as well as bringing in some modern techniques as well. It is for both men and women.
John Allan’s Interior For Massage and other services
John Allan’s Dressing Stations


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