What Hocus Pocus Is And Why Is It So Viral?


What Hocus Pocus Is And Why Is It So


Hocus Pocus is an American movie which was released back in 1993. It is a Fantasy/Horror Movie comprising of different unusual accidents happening in the film. The duration of the film is 1 Hour 36 Minutes. It’s been 25 years now that the movie has been released, but something more surprising comes up, when the lead actress, Sarah Jessica Parker states that she doesn’t even remember what Hocus Pocus is. And she further said that she don’t even remember that whether she even watched the movie once in the past 20 years or not.

Even though the film was not a hit when it was released, but still Bette Midler got the Oscar Award against her acting in this film. Not only this, it is declared as a participating film in 2018 Austin Film Festival.



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