Street Food Tour In Walled City of Lahore


Street Food Tour In Walled City of


Pakistani Street Food Tour in Walled City of Lahore by Migrationology. This is a facebook page named Migrationology. The guy behind this page is a Thailand food lover. Mark Wiens was born in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America in 1986. After 5 years the family moved to France, and their continuous visits to USA and Canada made him a food lover at an early stage.

He moved to many countries, and now is a Thailand based food blogger who loves having food. He visited many countries to have their food. This makes him feel happy and gets to know about the culture and tradition of different countries. His facebook page is all about his travel and food in those countries.

Not only he himself, but his wife (Ying) is also a food food blogger. The couple go out, travel, make videos, eat food and earn through it. Recently Mark Wiens visited Lahore, Pakistan. A country in Asia which is famous for it’s food, traidtion, culture, beautiful sceneries, Mughal Empire history and much more. Beneath is a video attached which is taken from the page “Migrationology” which was shooted by the food blogger and uploaded on his official account. It shows the lovingness and kindness of the people, and the food he enjoyed there.

As we all are food lovers, so while looking at the video, the top comment on this page was by a German and see what she has to say about the same country when she visited and what was her experience.

If you are a food lover, and also love to travel then you can either follow the people like these, or go and experience it yourself. Pakistan is a famous place for spices and also the astonishing sceneric views, so yes don’t stop yourself. And go out and enjoy your life to the fullest.


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