10 Female Bloggers You Must Follow


Here is a List of Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers who you must be following to get into style – Female

These Pakistani bloggers really made their way on social media platforms and are known to be the top 10 female bloggers of the country. Let’s have a look at these beauties with brains and support them in their blogging.

  • Tahleel Gulalai Khan
Tehleel Gulalai Khan
Instagram Name: @tahleelk

A 22 Year old Dentist made her way into blogging and has now around 165k followers on her official instagram account. This girl got some serious Makeup skills, and her followers are loving every bit of it.

  • Fatima Irfan Shaikh
Fatima Irfan Shaikh
Instagram Name: @glossips

She is not only a makeup artist but also an entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Glossips which is a lashes brand with followers around 87.6k followers on Instagram.

  • Rooj
Instagram Name: @by.rooj

A passionate blogger who is also a dentist just started her instagram account but is growing rapidly with her dedication towards her work.

  • Ania Fawad
Ania Fawad
Instagram Name: @aniafawad

The style diva with around 68.2k followers on Instagram is the lifestyle blogger and a celebrity stylist.

  • Maheen’s Vanity
Maheen’s Vanity
Instagram Name: @maheen_sh

A beauty influencer for all the makeup obsessors with her amazing makeup skills with around 99.3k followers on Instagram.

  • Amenah Jafarey
Amenah Jafarey
Instagram Name: @47giraffes

A passionate photographer and blogger having beautiful captures from nature and other aesthetics. The talented blogger has around 22.3k followers against her Instagram account.

  • Hemayal Attique
Hemayal Attique
Instagram Name: @hemayal

Hemayal is just like her sister, Hira. She is also a lifestyle blogger with around 184k followers on her Instagram account.

  • Anushae Khan
Anushae Khan
Instagram Name: @anushaesays

A beautiful fashion blogger who is very fun loving and loves to wear amazing branded dresses has around 96.5k followers on her Instagram account at this stage only.

  • Hunaina Rasool
Hunaina Rasool
Instagram Name: @hunainarasool

This 20 year old has more experience in blogging and other fields at an early stage of life than many of us with around 62.7k followers on her official Instagram account.

  • Hira Attique
Hira Attique
Instagram Name: @hirableeh

Just like her sister, hemayal, Hira is also a blogger with some super adorable and cute pictures. This helped her to achieve more followers on Instagram than her sister i.e. 224k followers, that too genuine and die heart fans of her.



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