Best 10 Countries to Visit This Year – 2019


If you still ask some of your friends and family in your social circle where to visit this year, they might end up telling you the same time-worn locations to visit such as United States of America, Turkey, United Kingdom, Canada, Dubai and many others out of which many might be already visited.

So are you guys excited to visit the most miraculous countries of 2019? Then pack your bags and mark your calendar accordingly. Most of these places are not very expensive to visit, but they cover some remarkable landmarks which must be visited.

  • Germany: If you are interested in history and visiting beautiful natural landscapes, then yes Germany is a must place to visit this year if you haven’t visited till now. Berlin is the major city where you’ll find many interesting and attractive spots.

  • Panama: This beautiful country located right in the centre of Caribbean and Pacific has a wide variety of beaches where you can Surf too. It is also famous for it’s nightlife and street shopping.

  • Sri Lanka: The Seven World Heritage Sites can be found in Sri Lanka and is one of the best and also diverse country to visit as it is full of wildlife, beauitful sites, religion and culture. You must have an Elephant ride there if you visit.

  • Zimbabwe: It is well known for it’s beautiful and numerous National Parks, where you can find almost every type of animal. It also has Victoria Falls, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  • Belarus: If you are more into Heritage side, then this is one of the best places to visit this year as Brest Sits is located on the border of Poland and Ukraine and is full of Heritage sightseeing.

  • Indonesia: The most amazing fact of this country is that it has around 17,000 beaches and Bali is one of the most famous place to visit, which is on everyone’s wish list these days and each beach having it’s own culture, religion and beauty.

  • Kyrgyzstan: A beautiful and gorgeous place, specially for the adventurous people who love trekking and camping as this country is full of mountain ranges.

  • Jordan: The most famous place to visit is city of Petra meaning ‘Rose City’ the country is full of exploring beautiful sights such as Deep Sea, Red Sea, desert of Wadi Rum and other ancient and historical places.

  • Belize: A place full of beaches, jungles and reefs. So whatever you need to refresh yourself, can be found here. It’s uniqueness is in it’s Islands. It has around 200 Islands and covers a vast natural beauty throughout the country.

  • São Tomé and Príncipe: It is Africa’s smallest two island nation where you can not only find the natural beauty, but also tons of history. Principe Island has a population of around 7,000 people only but is full of incredible jungles, beaches and bird watching.


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