Before Sharia Spoiled Everything


There’s this Twitter Account which was created in March 2018 and within a year has around 21k followers. What is special in this account? The title of the account clearly tells us the story and timeline of this account. As the name says “Before Sharia Spoiled Everything” everyone gets a fair idea of what logic this account has.

This is the pinned tweet on this account, and it clearly shows how people used to think when a lady was forced to take a hijab or cover her head forcefully. Yes, everyone was laughing at that stage including the Egyptian President, Nasser. But now the Sharia has changed, and we can see number of ladies specially in Egypt most of them cover their heads.

Now let’s have a look at what this account has to say about Sharia and how it spoiled everything. Well it does make some logic and is also valid. Have a look at the following tweets by this page, and let us know what do you guys have to say about this act.


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