Another Series of Thrill – ‘YOU’ Season 2


Another series of thrill – ‘YOU’ Season 2


We all have experienced a full season of one of the most talked Netflix’s psychological thriller ‘You’, which most of us has probably binge-watched as we failed to hit pause, due to the killing suspense of what’s next.

We are about to experience the same romantic thrill as season 2 is around the corner, starring Penn Badgley.

The show is about a store manager, Joe, who falls in love and goes to great lengths to prove it, taking the quote, ‘everything is fair in love’ practically, from extreme stalking to murders, all in love, for love.

Since during the show, we were in the main lead’s head, viewing things from his point of view, it made fans conflicted over whether to feel sympathetic for the guy in love or to hate him for his psychotic behavior.

One of the things the next season brings back is Joe’s ex-girlfriend, who everyone supposed to be dead.


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