Priyanka Chopra Gets a Huge Gift from Nick Jonas


Nick Jonas Gifts Priyanka Chopra an

Unexpected Gift on his success

Priyanka Chopra, Indian acctress, singer, model and celebrity was recently married to the American singer, Nick Jonas. After a long time Nick Jonas was back with his brothers (Jonas brothers) – Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas. The band’s song was released this week only, and soon after it’s release it went straight up to the number one track. On this event, Nick Jonas gifted something very special to his wife, Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra was so excited and happy that she couldn’t resist and shared the present on her official Instagram account. Let’s have a look at what was the present and what Priyanka Chopra has to say about it:

Priyanka Chopra “When the hubby goes number one.. the wifey gets a @maybach!! Introducing.. Extra Chopra Jonas.. haha .. I love you baby!! Yaaay! Best husband ever.. @nickjonas 😍❤️💋”

Yes, Priyanka Chopra was gifted a Maybach on the success of their single which is on the top of the music chart. This was not only a reunion for the Jonas brothers, but the wives of all the brothers also met each other and shared their thoughts. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas.

Nick Jonas along side Priyanka Chopra
Joe Jonas with his wife, Sophie Turner
Kevin Jonas and Danielle Delease/Danielle Jonas

A small family reunion was very much loved by every family member, specially Priyanka Chopra as it was her first time that she met everyone together after her marriage. Nick Jonas is proving himself to be one of the best husband ever, and people are loving it.


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