Yellow Blush Trend on Instagram – Ugly or Pretty


The Yellow Blush is trending on Instagram, and the main reason for this trend is that in Spring season, the face does not look fresh all the time. So the makeup artists introduced this trend on Instagram and is also now going viral and trending with around 1000 posts on Instagram with the hashtag Yellow Blush (#YellowBlush).

Now let’s have a look at some of the posts on Instagram with this hashtag which are trending and according to this trend, it states that the person looks less sick in this makeup (infact the Yellow Blush).

Picture Courtesy – _Lahrin (Instragram)
Picture Courtesy – Blu_babies (Instragram)
Picture Courtesy – Catysuewho (Instragram)
Picture Courtesy – Haleythefaerie (Instragram)

A famous makeup artist, by the name of Brittny makeup on instagram even made a video of her yellow blush tutorial type where she was applying the yellow blush. Let’s have a look at this video and drop down your comments regarding this. The girl did really well here.

It’s not over yet, we have some other pictures as well regarding this trend.

Picture Courtesy – Katclrk_ (Instragram)
Picture Courtesy – Theartistedit (Instragram)
Picture Courtesy – sylviemakeupartist (Instragram)

Something more surprising comes when we came across a guy getting with the flow. Yes, a guy did the Yellow Blush on his face. We knew you might not believe it, so here is a picture taken from an instagram account by the name of Vifheathen where this guy confidentally shows off his skills and face after applying the Yellow Blush.

Picture Courtesy – Vifheathen (Instragram)

There is a mix response over this trend, but it is either great, or worst. Both the responses are on extreme cases. What do you guys have to say about this? Does it look pretty, or will you be going with the word ugly for this trend? Drop down your comments and follow us on our social media platforms for more details and tell us in comments of what do you really think about it.



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